• A Day in History

    A Day in History

    ClaireOwen, Lit Mag Editor in Chief

    January 31, 2017

    On Saturday January 21st, the day after Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States, millions of women, men, and children around the world marched in protest. Many people think that the protest was only for women’s rights and equality, but it was much more than that. It ...

  • The Colin Kaepernick Effect

    The Colin Kaepernick Effect

    JamesBarnett, Staff Writer

    November 29, 2016

    The controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49er’s quarterback, and his decision to kneel during the national anthem to protest inequality of African Americans has fans outcrying and the NFL wondering how to address this issue. As more NFL players decide to kneel to support Kaep...

    The JV and freshman football teams watch the varsity game behind the players. The boys watched from the sideline during the game against the Eudora Cardinals (Photo by P. Swanda).

  • What Olympic Sport is Best for You?

    What Olympic Sport is Best for You?

    September 29, 2016

    Follow the flow chart to find out what Olympic event you should compete in. (Graphic by Addi Weakley)

Student Life

News Brief: 2/20 – 2/24

AshlynMcIntosh, Staff Writer

To some this was a rough, long week, but to others this was a short, eventful week. Kicking off on Monday, we had an extra day off to celebrate President’s Day- a nice day to catch up on all episodes of your favorite N...

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News Brief: 2/3-2/9

BriannaGulley, Staff Writer

With the end of 3rd quarter quickly approaching, all the Broncos have a plethora of activities and work to do. With homecoming and parent teacher conferences coming up, there’s always a lot going on. On Friday, Feb. 3...

February 10No Comments

News Brief: 1/27-2/2

JamesBarnett, Staff Writer

This week was filled with sports, activities and competitions. Last Friday, our boys basketball team went out and competed at Louisburg. The freshmen came home with a crushing victory of 52-42. However, the JV team fell just ...

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KelseyKroutch, Online Newspaper Editor in Chief

On Sept. 30, the leadership class took their skills to the Spring Hill Escape Room. “Basically we convinced [Stephanie Higgs, leadership teacher,] to let us go as a team building exercise,” Alli...

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Whisking up Sociology

October 3

New Madrigals

September 29

Nursing, Here We Come

March 2

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  • What If: Bronco Time Field Trip Extension

    Every school year, grade levels compete to win the Bronco Pride competition- earning themselves a field trip to Worlds of Fun. While students almost a...

  • What If: Blocked Schedule

    I would definitely be in favor of SHHS having blocked scheduling for many reasons. When we come into school, we know exactly what to expect. We have t...

  • 100 Word Rant: The Walking Dead

    James Barnett, 10 I have been a long time fan of this popular series ever since it began. I really enjoyed the T.V. show’s dark look on the zombie ...

  • What If: More Basic Requirements

    Senior year seems to fly by, especially when a shorter schedule second semester is usually the norm. So, what if there was a world in which we didn’...

  • 100 Word Rant: Attending Homecoming

    Kennedy Mounce, 10 I think homecoming is a good time for people who want to experience a high school dance and have an awesome time with friends. It ...

  • What If: Late Start

    Have you ever thought “What if we had a late start for school instead of getting up so darn early?” Many schools do late start some days of the we...

  • What If: Required Foreign Language

    A popular stereotype of Americans traveling abroad is the tourist who is at a loss when it comes to coping with any language other than English. Fair ...

  • 100 Word Rant: “The Bachelor”

    Mary Foley, 11 As much as I enjoy watching “The Bachelor,” This recent season is annoying to me because of the things Corinne Olympios is doing...

  • What If: School Dances at Outside Venues

    As dances become more and more popular, the space available in the commons becomes less and less ideal. With even more students to worry about in the ...

  • 100 Word Rant: Seniors in Classes With Freshmen

    Kelsey Kroutch, 12 As a senior, I’m not a big fan of being in a class with freshmen, and as a freshman, I don’t remember being a fan of being i...

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