What’s All That Racket?

AshylynMcIntosh, Staff Writer

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As soon as students begin the school year, they are thrown into fall activities and sports. Girls’ tennis, a sport not as widely known in the school as other fall sports, had trouble recruiting this year.

“The main problem for the tennis team was having enough girls for a full JV squad,” said Allison Smith, 11.

This creates a major problem for the team because they won’t be able to compete.

“In the beginning of the year, we only had eight girls. Currently, we have around 20. I’m so thankful that more girls came out to play,” said Smith.

Some would say the struggles a team goes through are particularly good for them because they can become a team building exercise.

“I would say there are both problems and advantages on getting a team together. We needed to tell other girls around the school to come out and play. To someone who has never played tennis, say yes you will be glad you did, it’s just incredibly awesome!” Kelsie Arbuckle, 10, said. Even though all teams have their strengths and weaknesses that particularly revolve around the ability to play, some of them revolves around the sportsmanship.

“ I would say our team is great at being together and cheering one another on during a match. [A] weakness our team has is staying calm and collected before a tournament or match,” Arbuckle stated.

Tennis offers many benefits whether you just want to be together with your friends or to just get back in shape and increase your athleticism.

“I think tennis is great. It’s not only fun, but I love the team. The sport can be difficult, but you learn to love it. You learn from your mistakes and it makes you a stronger player,” said Arbuckle. For people looking for a new sport, come on and join the tennis team.

“I love how strong our team is and how we all get along so well. The team is very welcoming and really makes you feel like you’re supposed to be there,” said Smith.

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What’s All That Racket?