New Madrigals

Kelsey Spaulding, Yearbook Assistant Editor

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This year, the Madrigals received an overwhelming amount of new members. The singing group lost a large amount of seniors from the previous year and had to fill the gaps. Due to the high number of newbies, the dynamic of the group is very different compared to previous years.

“I actually like the blend,” Ali Davids, 12, said. “It’s really nice and has a different tone to it [compared to last year.] Now all the boys are singing out, so it’s great.”

Some people see new, challenging experiences as scary and difficult, but Rivanold Tegomo, 11, feels optimistic about being a new Madrigal.

“It’s exciting, and it’s fun to be apart of a new family,” Tegomo said. “We’re all into the music, and we all love to sing, so it’s nice to take it to the next level.”

Although some are not completely new to choir, being involved in Madrigals is still a very different experience than their past participation in choral music classes.

“[Something I find difficult is] singing with the guys because before, in Destiny, it was just girls,” Clara Cowden, 12, said. “Holding my part and learning my part while there are two other parts singing is difficult.”

Trying to keep up with the more experienced members has been an obstacle for some, but those struggling are constantly working to overcome that barrier.

“It’s hard to catch up to all the other members because they know what they’re doing, and as a beginner I’m there trying to catch up,” Tegomo said. “I know I will, but the question is, ‘how long will it take me?’ I’m trying to get up to pace and not slow them down.”

With every new year comes new personalities and a completely different group energy.

“We have a lot of different personalities, so we will all act differently towards each other [compared to last year,]” Davids said.

Needless to say, every member of Madrigals will have to make some adjustments from last year in order to satisfy the continuous expectations that are met year after year.

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New Madrigals