Whisking up Sociology

ShaeleePhilgreen, Staff Writer

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This year, unlike all years before, Intro to Sociology became a mixed class: freshmen through seniors. Some people enjoy the mix whilst others dislike it, but with everything there are disadvantages and advantages.

“I like having all different types of people to argue and compare things to help me understand the topic a little more than just having a teacher explain, or somebody who doesn’t understand.” Hailey Kanakares, 10, said.

She agreed that it is best for the freshmen to be mixed in with the older kids, although they may be a little afraid.

“We all have the same interest. We are put in that classroom together because we all chose to take that class, out of all the other classes. We can all teach each other and grow with each other.” she said

Nic Madelen, sociology teacher, doesn’t have much to say about the mixed class besides his support. He feels as though it is too early in the year to determine if this is a style he thinks should be continued or discontinued.

“My first impression of the classes is that they have all been great and everybody has been sensitive to the feelings of their fellow students. My impression has been consistent.” Madelen said. “Just like any change, I am sure that some juniors and seniors do not like it, but others do.”

Just like in sociology, these mixed classes really give insight to all sorts of groups of people. Mixing the classes and stirring the pot might be a perfect way to show students all sorts of age level interactions to certain subjects and conversations.

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Whisking up Sociology