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On Sept. 30, the leadership class took their skills to the Spring Hill Escape Room.

“Basically we convinced [Stephanie Higgs, leadership teacher,] to let us go as a team building exercise,” Allison Fabrizius, 12, said.

The group had been looking for a productive activity they could do outside of school in order to become closer as a class.

“We only had 11 people, so we split up into two groups in two rooms. We had an hour to work together to find a way to get out,” Fabrizius said.

The class left school early to complete the puzzle rooms before coming back for the rest of the day.

“We took two suburbans,” Jacob Elliot, 12, said. “We got to the Escape House with Higgs and [Katie] George, [counselor,] and took pictures. The instructor ran us through what was going to happen before putting us in two rooms.”

Elliot said the instructor must have either liked the group, or he felt sorry for it because he kept giving hints to the two rooms.

“He had a walkie talkie and there was like a TV so he could monitor us. It was weird because you were allowed two or three questions, but he gave us hints we weren’t supposed to have,” Elliot said. “We probably wouldn’t have gotten out without him.”

Both students said they felt the trip benefited the class in ways beyond putting their skills into practice.

“It helped the class get to know each other. We all have become a family because our class is so small. Plus, we got to take what we were learning and use it.

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