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When you ask most kids what their favorite pastime is, running is not the most common answer, yet for some it is their number one passion. There are two different types of competitive running for the high school – track and cross country.

“I think that the main difference is that for track you’re always going to be running on a flat surface and it gets boring, but with cross country there are hills, grass and bridges, so it’s a lot tougher because of the incline,” said Kalia Woodhead, 10.

Some would say there isn’t a difference because running is running, and in the end it revolves around the training.

“Practices are different depending on what events you would like to be in during the track season, which can also affect how long practices are,” said Lauren Wilson, 10

The practices are a little different, and this extends to the meets as well.

“In cross country, there is only one course. When you aren’t running then you’re cheering for your team. Track meets take longer since there are so many different events,” said Wilson.

Athletes agree training is what improves a player the most, some athletes can compare the two sports.

“For me, I say both. Cross country makes your endurance stronger, and track makes you get a better recovery time with all the events,” said Michael Herman, 11.

Luckily, behind these students’ personal dedication, they have another layer of support from other sports team families.

“I enjoy the cross country family more than track because with the small amount of people you get to build better bonds with your teammates,” said Woodhead.

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