What If: Bronco Time Field Trip Extension

MaryFoley, Staff Writer

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Every school year, grade levels compete to win the Bronco Pride competition- earning themselves a field trip to Worlds of Fun. While students almost always enjoy the day out of school, it seems that students aren’t given enough time to fully explore the amusement park with such a limited amount of time. Standing in line for one ride can take up to an hour- sometimes longer- which doesn’t allow much time for students to actually enjoy rides. Worlds of Fun is typically more crowded when the class trip is scheduled due to the fact that schools are given a discount that day, which means that the park is filled with students from other schools as well.

“We try to get there as soon as it opens. We pick a day that it opens at nine. We just have to be back for afternoon practices because high school kids are busy,” explained Katie George, counselor.

Even though there are high schoolers who play spring sports that need to be accounted for, most sports’ seasons are over by the time the trip actually takes place.

“We all have to be back at the bus by like 3:30, and I didn’t really think that was fair because the only practice that’s still going is track, and maybe baseball [softball, or soccer]. That’s not really fair to the other three fourths of the grade,” said Keegan Krochet, 11. Krochet attended the trip last spring.

Sending a single bus back to the school at an earlier time only for those who have practice has been tested in the past, but students often misbehaved when given a time extension.

“We’ve had time extensions [for students who don’t play a spring sport], but some kids didn’t do very well with that,” said Debra Woofter, counselor.

As much fun as a time extension on the trip would be, it seems to be an unfeasible task for STUCO, given the mass of students who attend every year.

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What If: Bronco Time Field Trip Extension