100 Word Rant: Crowded Hallways

BriannaGulley, Staff Writer

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Lauren Brinkman:

Sometimes I find it hard to get through the halls without feeling it’s ridiculously crowded . The hallways are not like this all the time though. It depends on the time of day and what hour it is. Also, it’s only certain parts of the halls that are crowded. Yes it can be difficult to get through, but it’s not always like that. During the lunch hours, the halls are always crowded, but besides that I find it easy to get through. It would be nicer to have more room, but the school is just always going to get more crowded.

Brianna Gulley:

The bell rings, and the students walk out of class on the way to their next hour. That’s not all that meets the eye. The journey from one hour to the next can be hectic. Hallways are honestly every man for themselves. What i don’t understand are the groups that feel the need to walk in a horizontal line down the hallway or even stop in the middle of the hall and talk amongst themselves. Do you really think the rest of us just love sitting back waiting on you? I never knew some people still haven’t figured that out.

Avery Copeland:

I think the school hallways are extremely crowded. The school was built when there were less students, but now with as many as we have, it’s hard to get anywhere without bumping into people. A lot of different parts of the halls are the worst, like the place by Mrs. Manning’s room. People are trying to turn and others are trying to go straight, causing a big collision and it holds everyone up. The school is predicted to be on overflow next year, but with how crowded the halls are, it feels like we are already long past that point.

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100 Word Rant: Crowded Hallways