What If: Seniors Purchasing MacBooks

JamesBarnett, Staff Writer

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Ever since the Macbooks were introduced to the Spring Hill School District three years ago, classrooms have been far more productive, and students have a way to access all of their files at home without the need to be signed into a slow desktop. However, after a student graduates, they are forced to give up their piece of technology for the incoming sixth graders. What if graduating seniors could choose to purchase their Macbooks to use for college? While some students enjoy taking notes on paper, others find the quick nature of typing to be more convenient – especially in a college setting where the professor does not stop to let students catch up with notes.

New Macbook Airs cost almost $1,000 depending on where you look, so imagine already having to pay thousands to get into a college, plus hundreds on books, room and board. The student is now looking at a hefty bill. However, if students were able to purchase their Macbooks that they have been using for many years at a discounted price, that could help cut the cost of going to college. Plus, many of the students’ apps that they have been using are installed, and the Macbook is already set up, thus, saving the user time.

Seniors being able to purchase their Macbooks will not only benefit them for college, but the school could benefit in being able to use the money to purchase new Macbooks as opposed to handing the used and old ones back down to sixth graders who will then use those Macbooks for seven more years.

Who knows if the choice to buy student Macbook will be an option in the future, but with the positive improvements being made to the school, then this may one day be an option.

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What If: Seniors Purchasing MacBooks