100 Word Rant: Traveling During Spring Break

AlexisRivers, Staff Writer

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Giselle McDonald, science teacher:

Spring Break is a great opportunity to get away from the routine of life!  My Christmas gift was a trip to California with my best friend!  What a treat! I had a wonderful time and came back refreshed.  Each time I leave my family for some time, I realize how blessed I am to have them.  I come back having more patience as a mom and a wife.  Most of all, I love creating memories that I can cherish forever.  If given the chance to go somewhere for spring break, do it!  Memories can never be taken away from you!

Evi Heinen, 11:

After quarter three ends, students and teachers are exhausted from the past weeks of tiring activities. Although traveling to a warm beach or going on a week-long cruise sounds exciting, relaxing, and just about everything you need, it is important to get your rest. Planning a trip to a far destination will most likely stress you out more than needed. Spring break should be a time of recollection to prepare for the work ahead, not putting all your energy in an exhausting getaway. It is important to get extra sleep and not try to do too many things during break.

Alexis Rivers, 11:

Every time spring break comes around people, are always busy planning trips and getting ready to finally get away from all the stresses of school and work. Personally, I have never gone on a trip during spring break, considering that my family is made up of 14 people. Traveling can be very expensive, but if you travel with a group of friends or family, that can really help with breaking down the cost. I think it is great if people can afford to go on trips during spring break to get away and they can have a lot of fun!

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100 Word Rant: Traveling During Spring Break