What If: Yearbook Costs Were Included in Enrollment

BriannaGulley, Staff Writer

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At the end of the year, students look forward to the yearbook to reflect on the year and to look at the pictures placed throughout. It’s also a book of memories you can look back on for many years in the future. Yearbooks, especially the ones published in high school, have many pages to them and are hardback. That makes them a very nice sturdy book, so naturally, they’re not going to be cheap. Yearbooks normally are around the fifty dollar range which can be a good amount of cash, especially if you plan to buy more than one of the books if you have more than one kid in the school. Some families might only plan to purchase one, or none at all, which is perfectly understandable since the books are not the cheapest. One thought is that maybe the fee of yearbooks can be put into the tuition. That way everyone will get one at the end of the year. This could help considering lots of money is spent at the beginning of the year for school, so what’s another fifty dollars? This would not be a problem considering most people purchase the books anyways. On the contrary, some people may not want a yearbook in general. If that’s the case, they just wasted money on a book that they don’t even want. If the purchase was required, the school would get more money off of them, which could help improve things throughout the school, including the staff that spends hard work on the books. Whether you want a book or not, you may want one in the future when you’re out of school and want to look back on those years. So in the long run, the included fee might be worth it. In the end, the included fee wouldn’t be too big of a burden on people. If anything it would be a minor inconvenience. Maybe this could actually become a thing in years to come.

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What If: Yearbook Costs Were Included in Enrollment