What If: Online Yearbooks

ShaeleePhilgreen, Staff Writer

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Since the beginning of time, yearbooks have been changing and developing with the flow of our updated technology. Yearbook designs went from being made on paper to different aspects being added online. What if yearbooks changed so much we never received a hard copy, but an online edition instead? In my opinion, an online edition would ruin yearbooks. Yearbooks have always been hard copy, and there would be no point in an online edition unless it was a quick sneak peak. Not everybody has internet, and SPUB would lose a huge chunk of income. Schools would be unable to charge for the yearbook while still having to obtain and pay for a domain. Parents would be outraged by this new development, and they would most likely feel that the sanctity of yearbooks was ruined by technology. The whole point of a yearbook is the ability to have personal signatures from close friends. Sometimes there are even competitions in order to see who can get the most signatures. With yearbooks going online, it would be impossible to get such a personal signature with a private message or adorable little doodles. In conclusion, I do not think a digital yearbook would be for the best, even if it would allow videos and additional media content. There are too many cons with an online edition and so few pros. Yearbooks would never be the same. SPUB would lose money, not everyone has wifi, yearbooks have always been hardback and the yearbook would lose its critical personal touch.

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What If: Online Yearbooks