One Way To Break The Ice (Pop)

Ashlyn McIntosh

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It all happens to us our Freshmen year, not Links Day, but the mixer in Bronco Time. Every year classes from all grades usually gather in the gym to have popsicles to help welcome the new freshmen by getting them to mingle and meet new friends. However, this year there was no mixer in the upper gym, and no popsicles either. This year, everybody got to roam the hallways and socialize. In my opinion, I don’t approve of this new change. One of the many reasons is that the hallways are big, while the gym contains everybody to where you see new faces all around you. The hallways also are still intimidating to the freshmen to where they feel as though it’s just another day of school, so they scurry off to find their friends for protection. The fact that all the classes were told to roam in the narrow hallways, just encourages the upperclassmen to just to walk around with their usual posse. In my opinion, if I was a frightened underclassmen I would say that when groups of upperclassmen walked by, it wouldn’t give some of the younger kids room to join in. The upperclassmen would be walking around with their friends, the groups would be too big, causing students to straggle behind and big groups in small hallways don’t always work out as planned. The gym offers a way to where there can be big groups of students and yet room for expansion to meet new others. The fact that the popsicles weren’t even there breaks tradition to where others miss out. Not to mention that as a younger student trying to achieve a actual full day with all the upperclassmen can be stressful, and the popsicles offer a way to cope and relieve some of the tension. The popsicles not only break the ice when meeting others, but also ends the day with a smile.

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One Way To Break The Ice (Pop)