A New Way To Audition

Crystal Herman

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It is officially musical season and everyone is excited! Bunches of people gathered at the announcement eagerly waiting for the name of the show. This years show will be UrineTown, an “irreverently humorous satire that is said to make audience think about society, themselves, and theatre itself between their laughs.”

Much to the surprise of upperclassmen actors, Mr.Buffum is changing up the musical audition process this year, he is doing a type of audition called “cattle call.”

“We wanted to go to a format that would be more inclusive or more easier access for everybody so that there wasn’t any reason why someone wouldn’t audition. Like I think before there was always confusion about ‘well do I have to have a solo, do I not have to have a solo, what kind of a solo, what are the rules of the solo, and if I don’t bring a solo is that bad?’ You know, it was just a lot of stress and it’s already a stressful situation, I think, to audition and put yourself out there especially you’ve never done it. So for either younger people or just first time people that have auditioned I think it’s better to be like ‘don’t even sweat it, just show up and you will be fine and you’ll have fun.’ The idea to then release the music and the reading early to let people practice it,  trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone,” Explained Brett Buffum.

Some of the students that already had material prepared have mixed feelings on the new process.

“I’m definitely not the biggest fan of it because I am one of the students that has had a song prepared basically all summer, but I understand that it will make it more open for younger people and people that aren’t big into theatre so I’ll live with it,” said Emma Schuckman, 12.

In this audition process students will be auditioning in a group at the same time and do not need to have anything prepared. The theater department will be teaching auditioners what they need to know. Audition forms can be found in Mr.Buffum’s room and audition day sign-ups care right outside his door. UrineTown will be coming to Spring Hill High School this November, and it’s is going to be good.

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A New Way To Audition