Setting Up For Change

Alexis Rivers

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This year is a year of change for the high school, we are adding on to the school in so many ways. We have new stadium and soccer field as well as locker rooms and bathrooms and as the year goes on we will be adding on a ton of new classrooms and a weight room. We have been also adding new people to the high school as well including volleyball coaches. During the summer months Apryl Dressler coached the varsity volleyball players for summer league but now during the school year Jamie Oshel is the head volleyball coach. Coach Oshel used to be the freshman volleyball coach but decided to step up for just a year to be the varsity coach. “ I applied for this year, just a one year deal because I love the kids. I think we have a great group of girls they deserve to have someone that they know as a coach and I had already spent all summer with them and it was the easiest transition for them.” said Oshel, varsity volleyball coach.

Since Oshel used to be the freshman coach she had no idea what was going to happen to that team now that there wasn’t going to be a coach until Kim Hanson stepped up.  

“ Well I’m a volleyball mom, I have watched a ton of volleyball and I actually got to organize and put together a couple of her (Hanson daughter) club teams”.

Mrs. Hanson has no experience playing volleyball or really coaching until now but that didn’t stop her. Coach Oshel asked her if she would like to coach because she knew that Mrs. Hanson could handle it and do an amazing job.

“She (Oshel) assured me that she would be totally supportive and that she would help me out, same with Chip which they have been. And she and I just talked about different components of volleyball and how much I really understand”. Said Mrs. Hanson.

The volleyball team this year had gone through many changes and a lot of them are for the better. The team this year is expected to go far. “ I honestly think that we are a really good team and that we can possibly go to state and that we can upset some pretty good teams. We are pretty scrappy and as long as we work hard we can get there.” said Oshel.

The hopes and stakes are high for the Spring Hill volleyball team and we can only hope to fulfill them.

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