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Shaelee Philgreen

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When picture day comes around everybody at least decides to brush their hair that morning. We smile, laugh, and light up the fires in our eyes as we try to get the best representation in our photos. We think we did great, that this year our photo had to of been incredible. Later, the results come back and just like every year before, you’re looking awful. The hair you were worried had gone haywire, did. Pretty sure you had blinked when she took the photo? You did. Did she take the photo when you sneezed? She did. Better luck next year. -Shaelee Philgreen, Junior


Being a senior has many perks compared to being an underclassman, one of the perks being picture day. Every year in my school career, picture day was of the utmost importance. For some reason taking the “perfect” picture was the biggest worry. It would be the picture you look at in the future, so you want to make it worthwhile. However, senior year is a completely different story when it comes to picture day. The stress and anxiety is gone. You get to submit a picture of your own liking, your choice. You have the power now, no one else.- Alexa O’Malley, Senior


Picture day is hardly something that Seniors should have to worry about. As Seniors we are expected to get senior photos done, on our own time, then are expected to take time out of the school day to take a photo that no one takes very seriously anyways. I think picture day for seniors is pointless, I do however see the purpose for all underclassmen. Underclassmen are not taking Senior photos and would then need a school photo. At the end of the day I am sure our school photos have some meaning but, at the time they feel pointless.- Kaytlin Mckinley, 12

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Picture Day Opinions