100 Word Rant: Who Is The Best Spiderman?


Gracey Cowden

Who is the best Spiderman? Is it the original, Tobey Maguire; The heartthrob of 2012, Andrew Garfield; or the newest recruit Tom Holland? All of them are great, but let’s be honest who watches the Tobey Maguire ones? When the Amazing Spider Man came out most thought it couldn’t get any better, including me. Andrew was perfect and seemed to get cuter as the movie proceeded, but once Tom Holland dropped on the scene, he was the star. I think Spider Man Homecoming is the best movie, but Andrew Garfield will always have a special place in my heart.  

Gracey Cowden, 10.

In my opinion, Tom Holland has played the best Spider man I’ve ever seen. He fits the image perfectly. I think Spider man should be a kid who doesn’t fit in, isn’t super muscular or handsome, and Tom fits that role. He’s an unbelievable actor who is capable of several things. He did most of his stunts in the movie and is an incredible gymnast outside the film. He can sing, dance, and is an overall talented guy. While this was Tom’s first major acting job, I think he’ll go on to do huge things with the talent he has.

Avery Copeland, 10.

I love Andrew Garfield! I mean who doesn’t? He was the perfect actor for the role of Spider man and he was really cute. What more could you ask for! Everybody thinks that Tom Holland is the best now, but I still love Andrew. He was able to perfectly act out a teenager living his life at school and also being Spider man. Even the old movies with the actor Tobey Maguire cannot even compare with the amazing Spider man. Tom Holland better take a step down so people can remember how great Andrew Garfield was as playing Spider man.

Ashley Gehlen, 10.

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