What If: Medical Marijuana was Legalized?


Courtney Costain

What if medical marijuana was legalized in all 50 states? Medical cannabis has already been legalized in 29 states and in Washington DC. While recreational marijuana has only been legalized in 8 states and in DC. According to Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School, the most common use for medical marijuana is for pain control. While it is not a strong enough to use in cases of severe pain, it does work on cancer patients and people with other conditions like severe insomnia. Medical marijuana could be a replacement for opiates which is a substance that can be overdosed on and is far more addictive than cannabis.

Cancer patients and people who suffer from severe insomnia would not be the only ones to benefit from medical marijuana being legalized. Medical cannabis can be used for other conditions and diseases such as: alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, huntington’s disease, and hundreds of other conditions and diseases. For some of these conditions, medical marijuana is their only option of some help. Many cancer patients who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer use cannabis to put them at ease and calm themselves. Why make something illegal that takes away the pain for so many people?

The topic of legalizing marijuana, recreationally or medically, is a touchy and controversial topic. Everyone has a different opinion on the legalization of medical cannabis and a lot of it plays into politics. Everyone has their own views and opinions, however, legalizing medical cannabis for medical use and distribution is far from recreational use.