100 Word Rant: Domestic Pets in Public Places

Hannah Smith

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First of all, I am an animal lover, but their hair would get into the food and we get enough of that from the lunch ladies. Additionally, if I were to eat cat hair then I might die because I’m allergic to cats. Also, I would be afraid that some of the kitchen people would use pet meat in my food and that’s disgusting. I guess if people are blind that would be okay, but other then that I don’t think they should allow pets in restaurants. I think maybe you could bring the pets into hospitals to comfort people.  

Cole Henson, 10

Animals are awesome. They are great for everyone. They lower everyone’s stress and lead to people being calmer and nicer. If pets were allowed to be in public places I think that everyone would be a lot calmer and would allow people to share things they love of animals. There are problems such as sanitation or aggressive pets, to be fair this is a problem with humans, too. These can be dealt with by allowing commercial places to pick which animals to be let in and which to not. Pets help and they shouldn’t be banned from our public places.

Hannah Smith, 9

Many people love the idea of a cute animal being able to join them in their favorite restaurant. Domestic animals without special permission should not be allowed into hospitals or restaurants. The only animals that should be allowed into these places are service and therapy animals. If any domestic animal was allowed into one of these places there could be a lot of problems. The first problem would be sanitation. Allowing pets into restaurants will result in the restaurant becoming dirtier. Not only that, but if the animal is not well trained it can end up hurting someone or itself.

Alyssa Sherron, 9

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