Bathroom Break or Bathroom Bust?

Bathroom Break or Bathroom Bust?

Paige Swanda

Picture this: the bathroom is crowded, you have two minutes to get to class and you still need to wash your hands before you sprint to Brewer. Right when you are done, you go to get some paper towels. The handle goes down and back up, easier than it should. Alas, nothing comes out! In a panic, you go to the only other paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

October 3rd, one of the female restrooms had no paper towels all day. Not only did this cause quite a mayhem, but the floor was wet and had puddles of water all over it. However, this is not the only time it has happened. Often times, there are no paper towels and people shake the water off their hands and onto the floor. Even worse, sometimes students won’t even wash their hands if they know there are not paper towels.

“One thing that really grinds my gears is when the soap dispenser is completely destroyed. Not only is it annoying for everyone else, but it’s absolutely pointless to ruin something for everyone. The paper towels are also an issue because everytime the soap dispenser does work, I can’t get the paper towel dispenser to work. If we could get people to quit ruining the necessities in the bathroom I’d be much quicker going in and out of there,” Sean McLaughlin, 12, said.

Sure, it is not plausible for the bathrooms to be perfect all the time, but if the student body worked together, we could make our bathroom experiences at the high school much more enjoyable.

“You know, I am real sick of having to use the huge stall because nobody knows how to flush their waste in the smaller units. All they do is throw their monthly expendables in the toilet and call it a day. Sometimes they don’t even wash their hands! We need some kind of germ check before you leave the bathroom and if it’s not clean enough you have to go back and scrub them again. I would appreciate if the stalls were flushed I would be a happier individual at Spring Hill High School,” Ciara Roth, 12, said.

Now, it’s your turn students! Let someone know when a stall if broken or if there is no soap and paper towels. Better yet, let’s all flush the toilets and not flush toiletries down the toilet!

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