When Is The Right Time to Celebrate Christmas?

When Is The Right Time to Celebrate Christmas?

Brianna Gulley

It seems as though every year the opinions of the correct time to start celebrating Christmas get more and more opinionated. Everyone has their own thoughts on the correct time, which can be loosely put into one of three categories.

The planner – This person has a very strict schedule to follow. Don’t even think about putting your tree up at the beginning of November; it’s not acceptable. They have traditions that are laid out ever so meticulously in order to have the perfect amount of celebration, as long as the celebration is after all the other holidays.

“I personally think [Christmas] decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas movies should not start playing until a week before Christmas and Christmas songs should only be played on Christmas Eve and Christmas,” said Kristian Nelson, 10.

The Holiday Spirit – This is the person who will talk about how excited they are for Thanksgiving, but you know they are actually excited about Christmas. Chances are the day after the turkey is served Michael Buble will be heard playing in their house. They love the Christmas spirit, and want to celebrate it as early as possible. However, they will wait it out so it seems they started celebrating Christmas at a reasonable time.

“I know this is a hot topic for a lot of people, and some people are very passionate about it, but I think whatever you think [is the right time to start celebrating] is the right answer. I get it, some people want to start the holiday season early, but definitely not before November. Personally, last year I put up my tree before Thanksgiving, but this year [my fiance] says I have to wait until after Thanksgiving,” said Paige White, physical education teacher.

The Christmas Fanatic – What is there to say except this person absolutely loves Christmas. Even the snide remarks about waiting to celebrate Christmas in December can’t get them down because the holiday is just that great to them. You know they started a countdown on their phone 174 days ago because every second closer to Dec. 25 matters.

“I think Christmas should start after Halloween. I feel like Christmas is such a short time, so there should be more of it. It’s also a jolly time, so [we should have it] all year round,” said Alli Harrington, 10.

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