What is Snitching?


Zack Knust

The Dictionary.com definition of snitching is an “Informer” or “to inform on someone.” The Cambridge English Dictionary definition is “to secretly tell someone in authority that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble.” When someone calls someone a snitch it is correct, but the connotation of the word is a little different.

“I would call someone a snitch If they told on someone for something for something that would get them in trouble. I think a snitch is someone who gets someone in trouble by telling a teacher about something they did. There is room for doing the right thing; like if someone is smoking weed in the bathroom that’s doing the right thing, but I feel like cheating on a test you could let that one go,” said Kameron Crotchett, 9.

From a student’s point of view snitching is just getting someone in trouble just to get them in trouble. Although most students think there is a difference between doing the right thing and snitching.

“I am a rule follower by nature so I would say that [snitching] is a derogatory term and I think that if someone has the best interest of somebody else in mind and trying to help somebody by giving information I don’t think that should be seen as negative, but if they are telling someone something with negative repercussions in mind then it can be seen as negative,” said Emily Redeker, biology teacher.

There is a grey area between doing the right thing and snitching. A good way to determine if you should tell a teacher or someone in authority is if someone can get hurt or if there are good intentions behind informing authorities.