FFA Provides Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

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FFA Provides Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Lily Kuhn

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On the morning of February 26, the smell of bacon and pancakes curled through the hall, echoed by a chorus of cheering students. The FFA teacher appreciation breakfast, an annual event, was finally underway.

“I think it turned out great,” said Adam King, 10. “I had a lot of fun working it and know the teachers loved it. Many teachers are not appreciated enough and this helps reassure them that they are.”

Cooked and served by FFA members, the meal is a tradition used to show teachers students’ appreciation. Preparation starts early in the morning and takes lots of teamwork.

“We arrived at 5:30 and started getting out food together, like bacon, sausage, pancakes and eggs,” said Alyssa Sherron, 10. “Then we started setting up tables with paper we can write notes to our teachers on. And then we started setting up the actual breakfast line with pastries and drinks, and then the teachers came.”

The breakfast, despite its success, had been perilously close to disaster last week. It had originally been schedule for February 20, but the event was postponed due to another snow day. Its new date went well, however, for students and teachers alike.

“The teachers really enjoyed it this year,” said Sherron. “As the teachers started arriving at Ms. Hampton’s room most of the FFA started a tunnel for the teachers where we’d cheer when they walked by, which was fun. There wasn’t much food left after, so they a lot and were very happy with the notes they got.”

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