Bronco Hour Canceled for May 10: it stinks!


On May 10, the hallways stand empty due to the cancelation of Bronco Hour because of the senior prank.

Hannah Smith

Original text as of May 10.

On Friday, May 10, the students were shocked by the announcement made by Marc Williams, principal, who was unavailable for comment, that their coveted Bronco Hour was canceled due to the annual senior prank. This year: Stink Bombs. They were to spend the hour in their advisory. 

“[It’s annoying to have Bronco Hour taken away] because we didn’t do it and it is affecting everybody. No, [it doesn’t discourage seniors from doing anything else] because they…don’t care,” said Bailey Fields, 9.

As students walked to their fourth hour, complaints could be heard around the school, even from some of the seniors themselves.

“We were going to switch seniors classes with Louisburg; they were all going to come here and we were all going to be there. We were talking about it, but it was hard because it was the last week of school, so we couldn’t really do that. From what I understand, the fart bombs were purchased by a person as a last minute senior prank idea,” said an anonymous senior. 

It is still officially unknown who exactly set them off. May 10, however, continued to go on even with the quiet hallways vacant without their usual Bronco Hour activity.

Update as of May 13

“Well, we had some stink bombs go off, which is frustrating as an administrator that students would do something like that, but it wasn’t only seniors, it was also some underclassmen too. It came to [taking Bronco Hour] because I thought that the only way we could control what we were hearing throughout the day about what was going to take place was by putting everybody in the cafeteria instead of having access to the whole school,” explained Marc Williams, principal.

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