Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Ashdon Kice, Photo Manager

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” takes place a few months after the tragic ending of “Avengers Endgame”. Spiderman has since returned home to Aunt May and has done his best to be a friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

The movie begins with a memorial sequence toward the heroes lost since Infinity War, and explains why Peter and his friends are still in high school even though they were sophomores and five years have passed since then. Then Peter and his classmates are off to Europe for a school trip. Peter soon realizes he cannot escape being a hero and works with Quentin Beck, a.k.a Mysterio, and Nick Fury to fight elemental monsters. Fury gives Peter a pair of glasses: EDITH (Even Dead I’m The Hero) made by Tony Stark. EDITH has A.I. technology and control over all of the Stark Industries systems. As the movie continues, Spiderman comes to trust Mysterio, and eventually decides to give him the EDITH glasses, which ends up backfiring. All of Mysterio’s magic turns out to be an illusion created by holograms and drones. Peter now has to save London and his friends from Mysterio’s master plan to create an Avenger’s level threat.  Everything goes as planned until Spiderman shows up using his newly mastered skill called the Peter tingle (known in the comics as the spider sense). With this Peter can tell what is a real threat and what is a hologram, thus allowing him to get to Mysterio and defeat him. JK Simmons reprises his role of James Jonas Jameson, revealing Spider Man’s secret identity via a recording Mysterio made just before he died claiming Spider Man sent the drones to attack the city. Lastly, there was a post credit scene but I’ll leave that for the movie.

I found this to be a good movie but more of a beginning than an end to Marvel’s Phase three. The whole movie felt rushed; they needed more time to explain the story. Some aspects felt tagged on, such as MJ and Peter’s romance was pulled from thin air. Lastly the fact that all of the main characters from Spiderman: Homecoming just so happened to die from Thanos’s snap and came back in the blip. Overall I felt that this was a good movie with an interesting spy-like plot. It was a great idea, but fell a little short in the end. 7/10

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