Sept. 20 Football Game time changed to 4:30


On Sept. 20, during the homecomming game, Cody Powell, Wide Reseiver, 11, sets up for the next play. The broncos would go on to loose the game 21-35 (Photo by AMarney).

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

After a long week of studying, dealing with that annoying kid in your math class, and being stressed out, the excitement of Friday Night Light is in the air. Only except a torrential downpour is coming this way. The Weather Channel is predicting an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms in Paola, the home of Sept. 27’s football game, so the game time was moved from 7 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“It’s not my call. It’s not anyone’s call; we look at the weather and Paola’s athletic director and our athletic director discussed it and made a decision,” said Alex Winkler, Assistant Varsity Coach, “So we told our guys, we preach all the time, Brothers we control what we can control and we can’t control the wether.”

However, that despite the calm from the coaches, players are concerned.

“I feel like we are prepare for it and it’s not going to change much, but I am upset that it got moved earlier because I like my time to get there and get ready and get things tapped and get out there, but now it’s going to be like back when I was a freshman; it’s going to be different.

And the students agree.

“I have mixed emotions about it because I don’t want to be stuck in the tornado at 7 o’clock at night, but I’m also disappointed because it takes away the cheesy Friday night lites feeling when it come to a high School football game”

However, other disagree and think it’s a great idea.

“No [I’m not mad that the game time was moved], it just gives me more free time to hang out with my friends after the game,” said Cole Henson.

However, despite the mixed emotions and fear of getting soaked the Bronco Stands will still be packed.

Contributors: Mallory Putnam, Gracey Cowden, and Courtney Costain


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