Review: Detective Pikachu


“Detective Pikachu poster can be seen in Newport, England”

Logan Trask, Staff Writer

“Detective Pikachu” starring Ryan Rynolds and Tim Goodman was recently released on Blu-Ray and DVD. The movie is a complete love letter to long time fans of the Pokémon franchise. It’s full of small references and nodes to the games, TV shows, and card game. This movie does not only use the fact that it’s a “Pokémon movie”, but has a well developed and entertaining storyline for anyone to enjoy. 

Ryan Renolds does a sunsational job as the wise cracking Pikachu. However, the overall lack of well known characters did the movies a few favors. It allows the audience to come in with an open mind

Another fact that drew people into the movie was the live action look of many Pokémon, was phenomenal. If you ever wanted to know what your favorite Pokémon looked like in the real world, then watch this and prepared to be amazed! Though, since there are so many Pokémon, there is a large repeat number of Pokémon. This was a little disappointing, since there are so many different and interesting looking characters in the franchise. 

The ending to this movie is stereotypical. Halfway through the movie you may notice the obvious red herring. This definitely was the distraction for the real villain of the movie. The dastardly plan from the main villain, which came out of nowhere, was odd and easily overcome. Though it was definitely cool to see, it was also a little odd and a bit creepy.

Would this movie be recommended? Yes and no. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then definitely watch and enjoy this movie; it’s a great time all the way through. However, If the Pokémon franchise never interested you, it might be a movie you might have to pass on. Though it’s not hard to understand, it’s a movie for someone who has always wondered what the world of Pokémon would look like.