Hype Squad Highlights


SADD officer Alec Hitchens,12, sitting with juniors Brianna Russo and Layla Smith. On Oct 9 2019, everyone who attended the meeting went over information about the SADD run and Red Ribbon week (photo by A.Hatfield).

Oliva Leblanc, Staff Writer

When a person arrives at any given football game, they could see a perfectly-coordinated student section. For many, this might be baffling; how did everyone decide to wear pink? The answer is quite simple – Hype Squad. 

Hype Squad is a group of Bronco students who put on events like some dances, some pep assemblies, winter homecoming, student section themes and more. 

Michelle Maynes, sponsor, said, “We try to promote all organizations.” 

This group has around 23 people and has been around for six years. 

Alec Hitchens, president of hype squad, 12, said, “Hype squad is very successful because we help encourage and lead spirit at games. Like we decide themes for our student sections at football games, which bring more spirit to the games.” 

Maynes said “Hype Squad is to promote activities and spirit and it really works.” 

One of the things hype squad leaders help organize is the long-standing tradition that seniors get to sit in the front for football and basketball.  As students get older they get to sit closer to the game, they get more engaged in 

“When your freshman you sit in back, seniors are in front so they can have priority and spirit,” states Alec. 

Hypes squad is, overall, a group of leaders who deeply care for making the high school an exciting and fun place to be.