Board Brief: Oct. 14


A computer generated photo of what the new board office will look like. The new board office is set to open in 2021 (Photo courtesy of USD 230 board docs)

Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

The Oct. 14 board meeting was started with the call to order and then a special recognition of the two Horizon award winners. This is an award given to the best first year teacher and is awarded in their second year of teaching. Molly Herbic was awarded the Elementary Horizon award and Mathew Lundy was awarded the Secondary Horizon award. The recognitions from all of the buildings’ principals. Ali Seeling was then allowed to address the board. She updated them on the progress made on the need for a sidewalk near the Woodland Spring Middle School and on the Johnson County Teen Task force’s progress to help teens be educated about vapes. She also offered her information if they needed it during their discussion later in the night. Then the board approved all of their action items (the items they are voting on and that were discussed in previous meeting). They approved the dance team’s request to go to nationals in Denton, Texas, Hiring Evergy, previously KCPL, the right to work on the USD 230 support center that is being built. Additionally, they approved the move of $496,058 from 2018 bond contingency to the Dayton Creek Elementary School Project. This will leave $2,003,942 in 2018 bond contingency and the extension of the NG Zimmer contract. They then went on to discuss the endorsement the Girls Wrestling team. KSHAA endorsed girls wrestling as an official sport meaning that they will have their own league, regionals and state. This now requires the board to decide if they will buy the equipment, travel and the hiring of an assistant coach. They then discussed bringing the district’s lawyer to further discuss the USD 230 joining the Olathe lawsuit against JUUL. Tim Meek then gave an update on all of the districts various construction projects and then on a different topic asks to buy and put in new serving equipment at SHES during the winter holiday. After that they discussed the possibility of having a high school student representative on the board. Here they dismissed a majority of the attendants and after a 10 minute recess discussed board city relations and the naming of the board office.

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