Falling Into Traditions


Posing for a picture, Kenzie Rios, 12, and her siblings show off their pumpkins. The pumpkin in the middle on the bottom is a pumpkin they carved for their brother who is away serving in the military (Photo submitted by Kenzie Rios).

Gracey Cowden, Staff Writer

Beautiful colors, pumpkin spice, sweater weather, or whatever fall means to you, you can’t deny that the season is here. Fall is the start of many holidays to come and the change in the weather from the heat to chilly winds. Along with these changes and festivities come many traditions formed by families or friends. 

“My youth group does a retreat called fall retreat every November. We go to Oklahoma for a few days to grow closer to God and get away from everything. It is such a fun time and I am really going to miss it next year, since I am a senior and won’t be able to go. It’s definitely a tradition I’ll miss,” said Jenna Morris, 12.

While some traditions aren’t as big as a retreat from home, that doesn’t mean they don’t hold as much meaning to an individual.

“One tradition my family has is carving pumpkins together every fall. It something we have always done together and something I hope to do with my family in the future. We all go to the store together and pick out our pumpkins and carve it into something special to you. This year my oldest brother couldn’t be with us because he is in the marines, but it was okay because we carved one for him.” said Kenzie Rios, 10.

There is one certain thing that only happens during the fall that you love or hate. Yes you know what it is, pumpkin spice everything. While you may hate the thought of any food item turning pumpkin spice flavored, some people can’t wait for this time.

“I look forward to having pumpkin spice flavored food. It is the perfect flavor for this time of year, and I always have to get a pumpkin spice latte when they come back,” said Kamryn Frazier, 12.

Traditions are something that can be silly or very important to an individual or family. No matter what traditions mean to you, they always carry something special.

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