How we actually PLC?


Malia January, 10; Emma Rineheart, 10; and Brooke Powell, 10, enjoy their Bronco hour on October 23rd. This was taken on a PLC Wednesday (Photo by M. Hood).

Alivia Bates, Staff Writer

This year throughout the district, there is a new program enacted called Professional Learning Community Days, PLC days. The PLC days are on every Wednesday of a fully scheduled week. 

PLC days are early release days for elementary school students, but for high school and middle school students, PLC days are late start. 

Activities that couldn’t be done before could now commence with the extra time in the morning. 

“Sometimes I do my homework, and I get coffee sometimes, but you have to get up too early,” Grace Hodge, 10, said. 

Before PLC days were in action, some students may have planned more than it turned out the time would allow. Also, even with an additional hour and ten minutes before school starts, some students still can’t motivate themselves to wake up any earlier than they have to.

“I usually stay home and finish my homework so I can go to bed earlier; it saves me a lot of time in the morning. I planned on doing what I normally do [on PLC days,] but I eat breakfast on Wednesdays and I usually never do,” Carter Blann, 9, said.

The teachers are using the time as well. 

“I went to a training last June so I kind of knew the expectations [with PLC] and what we would be doing as a department so it really wasn’t a big surprise; it was a little different that we had to have some norms set before we started, and we’re still kind of working on that,” Kerri Rodden, English teacher, said on the topic of PLC training. “Each department kind of went through and decided how they wanted to work and their goals.” 

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