Adulting 101 Prepares Students for the Future


During the second Adulting 101 session Olivia Oborny, 10, listens to a KU Admissions officer talk about how to write a good scholarship essay. The adulting 101 sessions give students a chance to answer real questions that they are going to have when they go to graduate high school (Photo NAble).

Zack Knust, Staff Writer

This year the high school has changed from doing the career Lunch & Learn to Adulting 101 classes. These classes are where speakers are brought in to talk about a certain aspect of post secondary life that might be important like how to get an athletic scholarship or how to decorate cookies. 

“[Adulting 101 is] To prepare students for the future. So like, when you try to look at different ways in which and since we have students as we continue to grow, we have a lot of students with different interests and and we’re happy to have those interests but we want to be able to be able to explore those as well,” Clay Frigon, CTE director, said.

The student body is so vast when it comes to a variety of interests. There are many students that also share interests and the goal of Adulting 101 is to target students who share interests and get them into these classes and teach them about interesting and important things about life after high school.

“So we talked a lot about finding kids passions and finding things that they’re interested in and really trying to grow those and so we feel like with adults, one over We can try to do that and also just prepare them for future things that might not be really all that exciting. There’s like taxes, but there was just something that, and there’s two certainties in life, death and taxes. So that’s something you got to prepare for,” Frigon said.”

The CTE department is working with the counseling office to find the right speakers to bring in to bring and teach the students about aspects that would truly help the student body.

“We tried to get experts in the field and we wanted those to mainly come from the community and show show kids what are sometimes we don’t know what adults do. We have no idea so we’re trying to show them what what grown ups do what their life might be like,” Katie George, counselor, said.

They work extra-hard to get good speakers and to help educate the student body about important yet interesting aspects of the post secondary world.