The Thanksgiving Experience


Ana Martinez-Gonzalez chops onions in her Culinary Arts class. “My favorite part was the food, and sitting with the family,” said Martinez-Gonzalez (Photo by LGonzalex-Diez).

Taylor Dent, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has been celebrated by Americans since before the country was officially founded. The tradition of gathering with friends and family on ‘Turkey Day’ is an occasion many look forward to throughout the year, and one that the high school’s foreign exchange students are thrilled to experience for the first time.

“We don’t celebrate it in Germany because it’s an American holiday,” said Bengt Jensen, 12.

When asked what they were looking forward to the most, the students all agreed: the food.

“[I am excited for] the meat, absolutely,” said Giorgia Natale, 12, adding “my host family is vegetarian, so I am so ready for the meat at Thanksgiving!”

Ana Martinez-Gonzalez, 12,  agreed, saying that when she and her host family celebrated early with relatives, “my favorite part was the food, and sitting with the family.” 

While Thanksgiving is an Amercan holiday, there are aspects of the celebration that are universal.

“It’s basically Christmas, how we celebrate in Spain, because we eat a lot, and we are with our family all the time,” said Laura Gonzalez-Diez, 12.

However, there are a few little traditions that tend to be done around Thanksgiving that those who don’t live in America have never gotten to experience.

“Someone in my science class was doing a ‘turkey hand,’ and they were shocked that I had never done that,” said Senay Coen, 12, laughing.

Food was another big thing that was looked forward to. 

“I want to try pumpkin pie, I’ve never tried it,” said Gonzalez-Diez.

However, at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about recognizing what you have been given.

“[I am looking forward to] the together-coming for the families,” said Jensen.

Whether it’s about the food or the family, all of these students were excited to experience this holiday.

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