Spring Hill’s Thanksgiving Favorites


A beautifully cooked turkey draped across various foods at a Thanksgiving meal (photo courtesy of the Associated Press).

Remi White, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November every year, has come and gone. What’s a better way to celebrate Turkey Day than to talk about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. 

According to a survey done by YouGov, 51 percent of people put mashed potatoes in their top three Thanksgiving sides, making it one of the favorites of the country. 

Ivy Byrd, 11, agreed. She wasn’t surprised.

“They’re so good,” said Byrd.

On the other side of things, nearly half of the people in a poll done by delish said their least favorite Thanksgiving food was cranberry sauce, specifically of the canned variety. Ruby Dickie, 9, fiercely disagreed.

“It is? It’s so good. I love cranberry sauce.”

After being interviewed, Dickie continued to defend her beloved sauce throughout the rest of the hour.

There were also some unusual favorites. Isabella Infante, 11, said her favorite was something her family calls corn cake. Not to be confused with cornbread, Infante explained it as a cake with corn pieces distributed inside.

However, despite the food on Thanksgiving being mostly great, it was not usually the highlight of everyone’s Thanksgiving day. Of the 12 interviewed, all of them said that family or something family related is their favorite part of Turkey day.


Lily Haney, 9, said, “We play games. Like, being with family and playing games together.”

Whatever makes your Thanksgiving day this year, whether it be turkey, family, or the long nap after, Thanksgiving 2019 was sure  one for the history books.