The Variety Show

What is it and why is it important?

The Variety Show

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer

Tonight at 7 p.m, tickets are five dollars at the door, everyone will be lining up to see the annual SHHS Variety Show. For the fourth year in a row, inducted thespians get to take charge on this event to make sure everything plays out seamlessly. 

Sophomore thespian, Olivia Lister, is contributing to the show and could not be more excited to see all the talented acts. Additionally, Lister is able to help out with the Variety Show by doing things behind the scenes.

“I’m helping with the makeup for one of the acts,” said Lister. “I’m doing a bunch of random, out of the ordinary colors on their face. It’s over the top stage makeup.”

Everyone in the theater department is encouraged to help plan the show, even though Brett Buffum, theater teacher, oversees all the acts that perform.

“[Brett] Buffum does a lot of it. The people have to audition for it, just so he gets an idea of what acts are going to be there and helps them to better their acts,” said Alyssa Sherron, 11. “When he knows who is going to be in there, he makes the program and sets up the lineup for everybody. Then we sell tickets, and that’s basically all.”

The Variety Show features many different, unique acts from students in the school, and attending it, or even performing in it, is a great way to show support for all of them.

“The show is a good way to get everybody involved, you have a lot of fun if you go or are in it. It’s also a good way to help our theater department because the show is a fundraiser for the thespians,” Sherron said.

Be sure to come out and support your fellow Broncos if you are not already in the show, and maybe next year, it could be you on the stage.

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