Review: “Ford v Ferrari”


Madison Sutton, Staff Writer

One great thing about this time of year are all the movies that are released. “Ford v Ferrari” entered theatres Nov. 15, and I was fortunate enough to see it. This movie follows Carrol Shelby, portrayed by Matt Damon, an American car designer, and Ken Miles, portrayed by Christian Bale, a British race car driver in 1966. The men team up with Ford Motor Company to construct the fastest and best race car the world had ever seen to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. Ford Motor Company’s goal was to defeat Enzo Ferrari’s car in the race and dismantling the hold Ferrari had on the race at Le Mans, but also to prove that Ford is capable of designing a more unique, powerful car. 

The movie proves to be more than just a racing movie because it opens up the audience’s eyes to the more vulnerable, intimate struggles of Shelby and Miles who are constantly standing up against the authorities at Ford, battling illnesses, debt and the risk of what might be ahead in the race. The real life struggles in the film allows the average person  to relate to these legendary race car drivers and designers. 

As someone who is not usually interested in cars or racing, this movie was not my first choice. However, after being dragged to the movies, I was surprised to find that it was amazing despite how I initially stereotyped it. It did not bore me with random facts or unrealistic car special effect scenes. I also believe that because this film is based on true events, it was more relatable and more intriguing than a typical racing movie. Overall, I would give “Ford v Ferrari” 5/5 stars. 

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