Wrestling opens their season with Bigs Versus Littles


On Dec. 5, Josh Dickie, 12, battles against another wrestler during his first meet of the season. The first meet was “Big Versus Littles” were little schools are given the opportunity to wrestle against bigger schools (Photo by KOaks).

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

Last week the wrestling team opened their season with a JV and girls mixer Dec. 5. 

“So Thursday was a mixer. JV and the girls we had like 350 participants. A mixer is just where everybody comes and just get a couple matches, just match kids up,” explained coach Tucker Woofter. 

The next day the varsity boys also opened their season but with a different type of meet.

“Friday is a 12 team duel tournament. Spring Hill dual brought 12 teams in; everybody came in and got five dual matches,” said Woofter. 

However, this year’s traditional “Bigs vs Littles” tournament looked a little different because two teams were unable to come, and the only teams who could fill those spots were big schools.

Overall, Woofter said he thinks his wrestlers did well, but he would still like to see more from his wrestlers. 

“I’m probably never as happy as I could or should be like, there’s some things to be excited about my wrestling team girls, guys, JV there’s a lot of good positive things…and where I would say the only place that I was maybe disappointed was when we lost matches. We let ourselves go to our backs and get pinned, just making it too easy for our opponents. If we didn’t get pinned, we lost close matches, where we gave up short time points, meaning very little time left on the clock. Where you know hey, you give up the point and there was seven seconds left, you have to fight a little harder.”

Jacob Stovall, 12, took an impressive win against the number two ranked wrestler in the state. 

“I kind of knew the whole week that I was going to wrestle him, so I just thought about it at practice that whole week. I knew he was going to be my only hard match, but I ended up winning,” said Stovall. 

Moving forward, the team plans to up the intensity of their practices and keep working hard. Stovall is hoping to stay undefeated, but knows that there are a lot of really good wrestlers out there. The team is traveling to Wichita Dec. 13 and is hoping to get more experience and wins.