Review: “Like it’s Christmas”

Jonas Brothers Make the Holidays Even More Jolly


Alivia Bates, Staff Writer

I’m a music fanatic all year round. Anytime a new pop song is released, I dedicate myself to listen. Therefore it’s no surprise that whenever the Jonas brothers released their newest single “Like It’s Christmas” I had to drop everything and listen. 

The song was released on Nov. 7th of this year and this week hit number one on the Billboard Music’s Weekly Top 10.

I have no doubt that I’m the reason why they reached the top, I’m just surprised it took so long. 

This song combines all that is good with the Holidays. It includes catchy lyrics, a snappy tune, and the sweet harmony of Joe and Nick Jonas’ vocals.

The song has such a sweet and jolly vibe with so many fun components. The Joe Bros wrote this song for their wives which makes it even more romantic. 

The chorus says:

“I can’t deny what I’m feeling inside 

Nothing fake about the way you bring me to life

You make every day feel like it’s Christmas

Every day that I’m with you” 

It’s a beautifully written song with a heartfelt meaning released at the perfect time of year for a surreally beautiful effect when you listen. 

Like It’s Christmas by the Joe Bros has been on repeat since Nov. 7th and will remain on repeat until the holidays are over.

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