Cram with Cocoa

Students Gather in Local Establishment to Cram for Finals

On Dec. 18, Alyssa Hain, 11, and Layla Smith, 11, study for their finals during

Madison Sutton

On Dec. 18, Alyssa Hain, 11, and Layla Smith, 11, study for their finals during "Cram with Cocoa." "Cram with Cocoa" is hosted at The Bean on Main Street.

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer

Each year, before finals commence, students and teachers get together at The Bean Coffee Co. to prepare for the hardest tests of the semester. This year it was on Dec. 18 the Wednesday after the first day of finals. “‘Cram With Cocoa”’ was started about four years ago by student council and has been a great addition to the school and community.

“We started doing it in the high school library just one of the days before finals where kids can come and we invite teachers for them to get help if they need it and provide cocoa,” said Katie George, student council sponsor. “Last year, with the Bean opening, we changed it to here.”

What started out as a small idea to help students study has turned into something to benefit everyone involved – teachers, students, and the community. Hosting “‘Cram with Cocoa”’ at The Bean has encouraged many students to stop by and study with their peers and teachers. Layla Smith, 11, has attended “‘Cram with Cocoa”’ every year since she’s been in high school and believes that hosting the event at The Bean makes her more likely to focus and get things done.

“I think it [helps] because at home I’d probably turn on a television show and then end up getting distracted by my phone or the show I’m watching, and end up not getting very much done,” said Smith.

The event is easy to put together for the members of student council and always has a good turn out from teachers and students.

“It really runs itself which is nice, and asking teachers ahead of time to come, but other than that, it really kind of runs itself,” said Michelle Weltz, student council sponsor and teacher. 

Overall, ‘Cram with Cocoa’ is always a success, and if you attend next year, your finals will be too. 

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