Meet Your Winter Homecoming Candidates

February 4, 2020

Your Queen Candidates

Katelyn Pope:

“I think I was voted in because I am involved in a lot of different extracurricular activities in the school so a lot of people know me. I try to be nice to everyone and say hi to a lot of people in the hallways. I was surprised because I am not as involved in sports as I have been the last three years, but I am so happy to have been nominated. I was not expecting to get voted in because I don’t feel that I am involved as I have been the rest of my high school career so I really didn’t think I would be voted in.”

Avery Copeland:

“I like to think I am nice and a friend to everyone so I hope that is why they chose to vote me in. I was super excited. I don’t really even care about winning, I just think everything about it is super fun. I wasn’t expecting it, but I was super excited to hear my name over the announcements

Sloane McKinney:

“I’m not sure, I hope my friends voted for me because they think I’m a kind person, or maybe everyone wants to see me kick butt in the pep rally games. I was surprised, but I’m extremely grateful. Everyone has been so kind about it, and I’m looking forward to all of the fun activities that come with being on the court. No I wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited. Homecoming week has already been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

Kaylen Dawson:

“With in our schools I do many sports and activities [and I feel like that’s why I got voted in]. I was kind of surprised because there were a lot of girls in our school who got chosen. I wasn’t really expecting to get voted in because there are so many other girls”


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Your King Candidates

Wyatt Dickie:

“I think I got voted because my last name is dickie which is at the top of the list. I also think I could of got chosen because I am in a winter sport. Wrestling isn’t that big but there is a lot of wrestling fans in our school which I think played into it. I found out I was voted in while in hays at a tournament. At first I didn’t want to be a candidate because it’s during the season and I have to focus on wrestling. I put a lot of time into wrestling. Once I found out I only have to pose for a few photos I was on board. I’m most excited to wear all my wrestling gear onto the basketball court during crowning. I wasn’t expected to get voted in because I often just keep to myself and don’t talk to a lot of students of the school”

Caden Bacon:

“I am friendly and kind to people in the school, so yeah that is why I think I was voted in. I was very shocked that I was voted in. I came out of weights class and everybody was like congratulating me and I was like what are you talking about because I didn’t know. I was excited when I found out though. No I was not expecting to get voted in because I am just more quiet. I sit back and do my own thing.”

Cole Henson:

Henson didn’t know why he was voted onto homecoming court, but Isabell Infante, 11, who happened to be walking down the hall has a few ideas.

“He is just a good person he does well with people. And he’s just nice to everyone and makes everyone feel welcome,” said Infante.

“[When I first found out] I thought it was a joke,” says Henson. “I was at work and they announced it in seventh hour and like six people texted me and they were like ‘congratulations on the nomination!’ and I was like ‘the nomination for what?’ they texted back ‘you’re a Hoco candidate’ and I was like ‘you’re really funny.’  I forgot that Hoco was happening…I was, my face turned red, so I wouldn’t say embarrassed, but maybe bashful. Like I don’t know it was interesting. No I was not expecting to get voted in. It would be more likely for me to win presidency than for me to get homecoming court and It’s just weird.”

Alex Johnson:

“I am involved in a lot of sports like baseball and basketball. I was initially surprised I didn’t think anybody knew who I was, but I was happy and excited. I just didn’t think people would vote for me for homecoming court, but I am happy they did.”

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