Home Coming: The Musical

How Hype Squad Choose This Year's Homecoming Theme


Hype Squad members gather together for their monthly meeting. Alec Hitchens and Mattie Crabtree, 12, are leading the meeting to start planning for the winter homecoming (Photo by M. Sutton).

Mallory Putnam, Staff Writer

Homecoming is easily one of the highlights of the school year. Excitement is spread all around throughout the week with fun spirit days, followed by the homecoming game, and capped off with the dance. Homecoming weeks would not be the same without a theme, which is decided by the hypesquad for the winter. 

“We have our hype squad meeting typical early on, usually early November, and we throw up ideas that everybody may have about what a homecoming theme could be,” Michelle Maynes, english teacher, said. “Then we narrow them down to our top 3, and they vote as a club for their top favorite.”

It was decided that the theme would be Highschool Musical, so some of the spirit days include beach day and musical/movie day to go along with it. 

“Everybody was interested in [the High School musical theme] so we started planning stuff, then everybody got excited and realized that this is actually happening,” Alec Hitchens, 12, said.

The High School Musical theme can be considered a bold move, since it is very specific. This theme stood out among the hype squad for several reasons, but mostly for the nostalgic feeling.

“This obviously is a big deal for your generation because you guys grew up with High School Musicals and all of that, so they really wanted to bring that kind of pop culture reference to homecoming,” Maynes said. 

Students throughout the school have mentioned how this theme is a little different than the previous ones.

“The [themes] in the past were more vague, because it could be any galaxy and things. This one is just about High School Musical which I like that it’s a more controlled theme this year,” Zoey Wiley, 11, said.

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