Tennessee Tornados Rip Through Nashville


On March 3, after tornados ripped through Tennessee a resuce worker caries Shirley Wallace from her home that collapsed and trapped her under rubble. Tornados become a higher risk come the begging of spring (Photo Courtesy of The Tennessean via AP Photo and Larry McCormack).

Sarah McCoy, Staff Writer

In Tennessee tornadoes ripped across the state, destroying homes and towns, and took eight confirmed lives. Around downtown Nashville, a tornado shredded over forty buildings, resulting in multiple government-run buildings to be temporarily shut down during the emergency. John C. Tune Airport, reportedly sustained significant damage from the tornadoes and has been closed for repairs.

With rapidly approaching spring comes the rapidly approaching tornado season in tornado alley, and the midwest. Commonly, tornadoes become a major concern from late April into early June, but with the major storms that the midwest has been witnessing recently it’s possible that they become a more pressing issue sooner this year.