Girls, Boys finish Wrestling Season with State


On Feb. 21, Jackob Stovall competes and qualifies for State at the regional meet. Stovall placed sixth at state (Photo by MCrabtree).

Sadie Kuhn, Staff Writer

The wrestling season officially came to an end on Feb. 29 with the end of the state wrestling tournament. 

“I felt like the season went way too fast,” said Tucker Woofter, head wrestling coach.

This is the hardest tournament and all the competitors are the best of Kansas. Before going to state, the wrestlers have to qualify through regionals. Four girls and five boys qualified from SHHS. The Spring Hill teams fought hard but did not place. However, some individual wrestlers did place. Reagan Stinemetz, 12, placed fifth, Jakob Stovall and Wyatt Dickie both placed sixth.  

The girls meet was one day on Feb. 27 in Salina. Four girls qualified, among them Stinemetz finished fifth. 

“It was really good. I was super nervous. But I just stayed focused and everything that I’ve been working on all year, and it went really well,” said Stinemetz.

After coming down to support the girls, the boys headed to Wichita for their meet on the 28th and 29th. Luckily for the coaches, they were able to sign all the girls to their parents allowing them all to get to Wichita on time. 

“So probably my favorite [part of the entire weekend] is the three hugs that we gave and what they accomplished for themselves,” Tucker Woofter, wrestling coach.

Other wrestlers came very close and made it to a blood round, but didn’t quite make it.  A blood round is a match where if the wrestler wins, they are guaranteed a place in the top six, but if they lose they’re out. The wrestlers also just enjoyed going and had a fun time.

“Just hanging out with all my friends and having a good time,” said Jakob Stovall, 12.