Designing for a Purpose


The Graphic Design I class is working on types of logos and the importance of each on Nov. 12. The class will make a logo for the Spring Hill Recreation Center (RRusso).

Olivia Leblanc, Staff Writer

Graphic Design isn’t a well known class in school. Few students even know what the class purpose is or what it prepares you for. Similar to classes Graphic Design prepares you for a possible skill  but not necessarily a future job. 

“Obviously to learn how to run software and to know life long skills not in class but later on like making posters, logs, or even I make my own Christmas cards,” said Brad Reinking, Graphic Design Teacher. “Even if you are not going to be in graphic design later on it’s still a good skill to know.”

However, Graphic Design isn’t all about learning a life skill, but getting involved in some friendly competition. 

“I enjoy graphic design competitions because with most homework it is more for the teacher but for the competition, if you win everyone gets to see it and you get money. I like competitions a lot,” said Brianna Gulley,12.

Reinking sees the value in the competitions as well.

 “Hopefully it helps try a little harder to have something displayed” said Reinking. 

Graphic Design isn’t all about money in the end. Graphic Design helps make designs of school shirts, play/musical posters, and even does local logos. 

“We are a department for the school’s use. We design posters, t shirts, and logos. We basically became a publishing company for the school,” said Reinking.  

Graphic Design brings lots of fun, opportunities, and even money to the students. From Graphic Design I to Graphic Design II, to even a class where students print t shirts for the school. Graphic Design can be very helpful in the future.

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