SevenTEEN and QuaranTEENed


Pre-pandemic, juniors Olivia Amos, Meredith Todd, Emily Dowd and myself enjoy a Pink Out themed home football game. Little did we know our year would be cut short; however, we were grateful to be able to support our school throughout the fall season (photo credit O.Amos, submitted by M.Sutton).

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer

Everything that has happened in the past week is indescribable for me. There are no words to adequately explain the tension, fear and loss of control that I have felt over my own life these last two weeks. The coronavirus seems misplaced in the timeline of our lives. Pandemics shouldn’t happen. They belong to the movies, to the future, to the Katniss Everdeens of the world – not the Madison Suttons. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I doubt I’m the only one who doesn’t feel cut out for the unwelcome surprises life has given us.  

I am continuing to process the current situation, and although it all feels bad right now, I can’t help but wonder what the purpose is in this madness.

In all of the bad, there is overwhelming goodness. It’s hard for me to remember in times like these, but this whole process will transform the way we view life. Handshakes and hugs will be treasured. Human interaction and connection will be welcomed. We will no longer go to school and wonder why we have to learn; instead, we will soak in every opportunity to expand our knowledge. Toilet paper and other ‘basic’ necessities will no longer seem basic. Overall, I think the seven and a half billion people in the world will all experience gratitude together. 

I don’t know what will happen next, but I do know that the whole world is hanging onto the hope that there are brighter days ahead. And as we wait together, we can be sure that the best things in life are always the ones that don’t come easily. In the meantime, you can find me in my house, social distancing, taking an unplanned break from Starbucks and adjusting to this new ‘normal’. 

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