Student Council Elections to Still Run


On Feb. 7, Kyra Fuchs, 11, leads her grade in their class cheer. She is now running for student body president (Photo by P. Flood).

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

Along with everything else this year the student council, StuCo, executive board elections have been affected by the changes to the school year. 

“Obviously, we are going to do them completely online. All the students that were interested in the executive board have already submitted their paperwork [online] and they are currently sending their election videos that they are taping at home and then emailing to me,” said Katie George, StuCo sponsor.

Traditionally Brad Reinking, video production teacher, records the student speeches and those are broadcasted out to the student body; however, this year each candidate was asked to video themselves.

“Usually Mr. Reinking does all the videoing and organizing of all of [the speeches,] and then we play the video on the announcements,” said George. “This year I will organize all of those videos, and they will be emailed out for students to play.”

Those will be sent out to the student body on April 14 and then with the ballots on the 15th. The students will still receive their ballots in their emails.

On the candidate side the biggest change is the lack of poster making, which has been replaced with social media posts – trying to get the word out to their fellow students about their candidacy. 

“Usually, we do posters in the hallway and all that type of stuff, but since we don’t get to do that we have just been posting on social media. Just being like ‘Hey I’m running for this upcoming school year and whatever position it is,’” said Kyra Fuchs, who has been involved in three other elections and is currently running for student body president, 11. 

Despite trying to make the best of it, there have been some moments missed by the candidates. 

“I think the hardest part is not being able to be at school and tell people and be like ‘oh I’m so excited about this’ and ‘oh I’m running for this’…Nothing has been too difficult about [this process], it has actually been easier, it’s just all the fun moments that are not there anymore,” said Fuchs. 

However some good things have come from this process too.  

“The kiddos that are willing to overcome challenges and things like that and persevere through this are definitely the kids that are running, so I think that is good. It shows a lot about their personality and their grit to still get in their paperwork and any kiddo that is willing to video themselves and then play it for the entire student body has, obviously, got something going on, that is a challenging thing for everyone,” said George. 

An email should be in every Bronco’s e-mail, so go support your chosen candidate.

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