Review: “Code 8”


When you go onto Netflix you will see that “Code 8” is #6 (at the time of writing this April 17th) in the “Top 10 in U.S. Today.” It’s preview briefly introduces you to Code 8’s world of superpowers (Photo by Z. Knust).

Zack Knust, Staff Writer

Code 8 is a direct-to-digital movie rated TV-MA for language abuse of fictional drugs, and is a feature-length film based on the 2016 short film with the same name and directed, produced, and written by the same people.

Code 8 is a sci-fi dystopian movie produced by and starring Robbie and Stephen Amell. The movie is set in a world where at the beginning of the 20th century people with super powers began appearing. These powered individuals were forced by the government to register their powers and soon became illegal to use them without a proper permit.

In modern day, Connor Reed, played by Robbie Amell, is desperate for money to pay for his mother to get medical treatment for cancer that she cannot afford on her own. He starts working in construction, but that just doesn’t pay enough. In his desperation Connor turns to petty crime and runs into Garret Kelton, played by Stephen Amell. They commit a series of robberies that pay well for his mother until their job goes sideways and Connor has to make a choice.

Code 8  is a great well made movie for what it is. There are many movies better than it that have come out in theaters but the fact that this movie went directly-to-digital and is still this good is really cool. 

The movie’s pacing is really good, but not without fault. In the opening act it can be  a little confusing without knowing much about what is going on although it does clear up later so it doesn’t completely leave you hanging. 

The movie took its own spin on the super power genre, taking on a world where superpowers exist, but with no vigilantes or superheros, just people. This was really interesting to watch play out. These people have been oppressed into being treated like second class citizens for something they are born with. This twist has only really been seen in X-men and Incredibles. and I think it is executed well and should be implemented in other stories down the line. There are still some flaws but nothing so severe that it diminishes the enjoyment of the movie. It isn’t just a good sci-fi movie; it is also a good crime movie. The protagonist robs banks and steals cars which doesn’t normally happen in an average superhero/powered people movie. For people who are into dystopian, crime, or sci-fi movies this is a great movie and an enjoyable watch. It earned its 8 out of 10.

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