High School has first positive COVID-19 case


On Sept. 14, 2019, Jenna Weber, 10, and Jordan Anderson, 11, jump to block a ball against Louisburg. The first positive coronavirus case was contracted by a volleyball player, but there is no evidence to say that is where she contracted it (Photo by I. Williams).

Hannah Smith, Copy Editor

On Friday, Sept. 4 an email was sent out from Marc Williams, principal, saying that the first positive COVID-19 case has been found in the high school community. 

“Today, [Sept. 4, the school was] notified by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment that an individual at Spring Hill High School has tested positive for COVID-19,” read the email. 

The student will not be allowed to be back at the school for at least 10 days, and some people with direct contact may also be asked to quarantine. 

“Additionally, contact tracing may identify students/staff (direct contacts) who are required to quarantine for 14 days,” read the same email. “Those students/staff will be contacted directly by the JCDHE and/or the school tracing team.”

It was later confirmed by Dr. Wayne Burke, superintendent, that the case was from someone on the volleyball team. However, it is not conclusive that the student received or transmitted COVID-19 through this venue, and therefore students will not be asked to quarantine.

“Quarantine procedures are developed by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and followed by the district for academic, athletic, and activity situations. Currently, those procedures do not call for quarantining any group of individuals unless transmission within that group is evident,” said Brad Willson, assistant superintendent. “I cannot speak about a specific group of students regarding this procedure.”

The lack of quarantine is largely being attributed to the use of masks by the athletes. 

“After consulting with the Johnson County Health Department, since our athletes and coaches were wearing masks, they do not have to quarantine, unless another athlete contracts Covid through this venue,” said Williams.

With the fall sports season beginning to kick off, it is imperative that athletes – and coaches – continue to practice good preventative measures.

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