President Trump tests positive for COVID-19


President Donald Trump tweeted that both he and First Lady Melania tested positive for COVID-19 (photo courtesy AP News).

Madison Sutton, Staff Writer

President Trump alerted the country that he tested positive for the coronavirus early Oct. 2. The president was exposed by his closest adviser, Hope Hicks, on Wednesday this week. Additionally, First Lady Melania Trump tested positive; now the two of them are quarantined in the White House. Sources say Trump is in good condition and still able to carry out his duties from quarantine.

The two biggest concerns for Trump as of now are whether he will recover easily from the virus, since he is older than most coronavirus victims, and what will happen to his campaign. The campaign and rallies have been put on hold due to Trump’s current condition. The presidential campaign may be affected by this recent news, and Trump will be eager to recover to continue his campaign before the ballots are in.

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