How to End the War With Politics


Both political parties disregard morals and values when it comes to sharing their opinions. It often ends in violence and aggression (photo designed by L. Leblanc).

Alivia Bates, Staff Writer

With the election coming to a close we face very prominent unknowns for our country. As citizens of the U.S., we wake up the next few days not knowing who will be the next president, but we also don’t know if the results will create violence. 

This election has brought out the worst in some citizens. Friends are turning their backs on friends, family turning on family. It’s ruthless. Almost everywhere you go, there is no escape from the endless political debates. 

It may be easy to understand why everyone can get so passionate over politics as it crosses into morals and values territory, but the aspect that comes as a surprise to most is how disrespectful we all have become towards each other. 

Most people can’t have a calm conversation regarding politics and it ends up turning into a full blown battle of expression. We’ve become so hateful and aggressive that stores in certain states are already boarding up their business because they are afraid of violence from both parties. 

We are not violent creatures. Most people don’t want to intentionally hurt or disrespect someone, yet the desire to always be “right” is often prioritized regardless of how it affects other people.. 

We choose political candidates based upon the morals and values we want to see in a leader, but completely disregard them when it comes to our own conduct. 

This is not the world we should want to live in. There shouldn’t be terror stricken inside just because someone identifies as one political party rather than another. 

Everyone is concerned with the wellbeing of the country, which is why they want one candidate to win rather than another, but maybe we should all take a step back and focus on our wellbeing towards our own companions. 

All of us should remember one of the first things we are taught in school as children, “Treat others as you want to be treated.” If we can accept this and put aside our pridefulness, there will be peace once again. 

It’s hard to accept peace without victory but sometimes it’s the only way to end a war. 

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